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From the team of psychologists at Restion

Thu 03 Sep 2020

Ani Zamkotsian
Ria Panousopoulou

We would like to present to you in simple words our thoughts and the feeling we seek in our center. The difficulties of the third and fourth age are more or less known to all of us. Nevertheless, there is a way, through targeted interventions, the elderly, to have a beautiful and creative life period.

Music gatherings, group games, book reading, learning new skills and the variety of activities provided at the Restion are part of the recreation therapy, aimed at maintaining or improving the physical and mental health of our residents, their functional skills and the psychosocial quality of their lives. The successful combination of achieving a good mood and at the same time benefiting the people of the third and fourth age presupposes a specialized approach and a very large basis of organization and cooperation by the experienced staff. As psychologists in addition to supporting the tenants, we provide psychoeducation to the staff of the center but we also receive valuable guidance and information from experienced nurses, the well-trained physiotherapist, our doctors and every person who have daily contact with our residents.

Contact with relatives includes psychological support and guidance in dealing with loved ones, due to the difficulties of the elderly which are often the refusal of acceptance of their lack of autonomy, the spectrum of neurological disorders as well as the major existential problem and depression they face this life period. Our relationship with the close people of our tenants is vital as the information we have from them about their people contributes to understanding the needs and temperament of the elderly we host. There is something deep and very essential for which all the staff of Restion cooperate, and it is what gives meaning to any recreation therapy, gathering and successful outcome of our actions. Through the sharing of information, we can listen and approach the need of our people to feel primarily useful and find meaning in their stay. A "meaning" that according to the capabilities of each individual will give value to our contact, therapeutic recreation and our daily interaction.

"I live, and I want to continue to live because I feel useful and important."

We all seek this feeling here at the Restion to nest in the soul of our people. Our primary concern is to avoid the marginalization that is often felt by people with serious health problems such as disabilities and dementia. By sharing responsibilities according to their health potential, we all become part of the same group, useful members of our community. Our residents spend time with people with mobility problems, give help to them and encouraged them to participate in our actions. In this way, residents feel useful in our community. For those who seemingly can do nothing, we all in Restion knows that they can do so much! To give us inspiration and strength from their life experience and their desire to live. Older people are so valuable, for their sweet smile and their warm heart that they generously offer by giving mental uplift to anyone who asks for it. Just as the child needs its caregiver to delimit it, reduce the negatives and reinforce the positives, the older person as well needs this care with respect and sensitivity.

"Small, very small things take root in our souls and make forests of eternal love.”
Sharing, companionship, caring.
"In this walk
we will be together
kept from all the hands we can keep.
Smiling, peacefully, patiently,
letting emotion guide us
because feeling never is lost. "

… Restion's team.

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