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The Restion, Elderly Care Centre, never could have materialized if it were no sponsors and supporters of this vision.

Primary Sponsors

The Macias Restis Family
The Claims Conference against Germany
Kovo Dario Mario
Alazrakis Jacques
Fais Ino Sam












Benroubi Sam
Evmorfidis Pavlos (Cocomat)
Levy Nissim-Lefteris
Room Donors

Ventoura Iosif-Sifis
Gani Mathilda
Dentes Michalis
Dentes Odette
Eliezer Isaak & Anny
Yousouroum Moses & Johana Sterina
Kovo Dario Mario - 4 rooms
Kostis Yosas
Levy Nissim-Mimis
Legakis Ilias
Leon Morris & Yvette and Beja Mimis & Louisa
The Matarasso Family
The Menaya Family
Modiano Mario
Nahmia Yvette
DeSigura Raoul
Revach Isidoros
Restis- Angel Bella - 2 rooms
Restis-Matarasso Katia
Restis-Breibart Claudia
Restis Victor
Sasson Errikos
Tazartes Maurice-Takis
Hadjopoulos Elias

Also a large number of donors have offered respective amounts which are sufficient for their name to be written on "The Tree Of Life".

In sum, five hundred and more people offered, many times with difficulty, according to their means, for the creation of the Centre. It is with reverence that Restion thanks them kindly.

If you want to help in any ways or for donations, please contact the Welfare Institution of the
Jews of Athens, at the phone numbers +30 210-96.56.736-9, via fax +30 210-89.79.559 or
via e-mail at: