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The Welfare Institution

The Welfare Institution of the Jews of Athens counts 265 members and was founded in November of 1995. The primary vision was to establish a Jewish site for elderly care which our community lacked. After years of effort the vision materialized with the foundation and opening of the only Jewish Centre for elderly care in Athens which meets the highest standards of care and concurrently the most stringent of EEC standards.

The first board of Directors of the Association, with the Honorary Presidency belonging to the Arch-rabbi of Athens Jacob Arar. The board was composed of:

Vice President:
Gen. Secretary:



Jacques Alazrakis
Daniel Alchanatis
Bella Restis
Nissim-Mimi Levy
Emmanuel Arouch
David Sarfatis
Berry Nahmia
Irene Molho

The archive Board of Directors is composed by:

Vice President:
Gen. Secretary:


Restis Bella
Bourla Gratsiela
Kameli Anna
Chagouel Sampi
Gavriilidis Leon
Chaim Felitsia
Borbolis Matathias

Substitute Members


Levy Lefteris
Epstain Zak
Menagia Vivian

In the event that you wish to join the association please call +30 210-96.56.736 or send a fax to +30 210-89.79.559 or on line at: